First blog post

Whee, let’s get started!  I’m Dalton, and this is my blog of all the strange and wonderful things that live in the wilds of your local tabletop rpg campaigns, both real and imagined!

I’m still figuring things out as far as this website, so I ask that you kindly show a little patience while I’m aligning ants and triangulating trees.  (And don’t get me started on the wombats)

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy it here!  I hope to eventually start getting a few PDFs or even a book or two going that lays out some ecosystem-building basics, along with a bunch of plants, animals, and fungi you can use to fill out your worlds.

So often the wonders of the worlds we spin are of quarried stone and mortar.  Kingdoms, their wars, their collapses, and their bones littered across the landscape reminding us of their greatness.  These are fantastic things, to be sure, but too often we pass over the natural wonders, or use the woods as simply a place you do battle with druids, bandits, and the occasional randomly-rolled monster that every player’s seen a hundred times already.  Maybe a bear or two.

I want the wilds to feel wild, again.

I want the tundra, the woods, the ocean, the skies, the mountains, the plains, the swamps, the deserts, to all feel alive again, and be filled with things your players have never dreamed of seeing, to pull at the human desire for exploration, and help make your worlds feel large, complete, and unexplored, openly inviting your players to venture into the truly unknown with a burning desire to know it.

I want you to feel the thrill when you step outside the city gate, into the forest that laps at its walls like a vast uncharted ocean of possibilities around your island of civilization, just begging you to go on a journey.

I want your games to feel new and exciting again.

It’s a magical world, Hobbes, ol’ buddy.  Let’s go exploring!

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