Deceptively dangerous places

I found an interesting youtube channel, which had a few interesting videos on some dangerous places, so I thought I’d share them.  After all, an ecology is more than just the things that live in a place, it’s also the environment those things live in!  With that in mind, maybe these will provide some inspiration for those of you hoping to create beautifully deadly stretches of land: (Or in this case, water)

The Strid.  Probably the most dangerous stretch of water in the world.  It doesn’t look dangerous at all, but that’s exactly what makes things like ninjas, poisonous mushrooms, and [insert pop culture joke here] such a threat.

The Saltstraumen Tidal current.  Tides on their own don’t normally come to mind when we think of powerful forces of nature.  Only when a river floods its banks, or a hurricane sweeps through the area, or maybe if a dam breaks, do we really worry about having too much water.  But tweak the geology just right, and you can wind up with seriously impressive amounts of water moving in a very noticeable way.

While impressive in their own rights, don’t forget that you can push this even farther in your own worlds.  Make the forces that affect them larger, the sheer volume greater, the speed faster, etc.

Just imagine how certain animals and plants might adapt to this sort of environment, or maybe even make it more dangerous without meaning to.

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