In addition to posting the blog you see before you, I also will happily to put my knowledge and love of Biology to use in creating flora/fauna or whole ecologies for you, customized to your very own homebrew setting!

I’m still working out the pricing for this, but for the moment I think I’ll peg it at $25 for a single organism, and $100 for a mini ecosystem (couple plants with various uses, couple animals, and at least one predator and detritivore/decomposer), with art an additional $100 per page/organism to cover art commissioning costs (or just use an artist friend of your own for free, I’d be happy to work with them at no additional charge).

If you’re interested, please hit me up on the Contact page, and include your email address, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m able so we can talk about your world and what sorts of critters it needs!

NOTE: This is not for creating monsters to fight, but instead for stuff to help the setting and immersion and sense of wonder in your worlds. ┬áBut you could always use some part of their anatomy as a vital and rare ingredient for a cure, or something similar, if that’s your preference.