Frequently Asked Questions

This is where I put questions that I get asked a lot, or that I think might be helpful to know the answer to!  If people keep asking me a question that’s not on here, I’ll probably add it.

  • What is this blog about?
    • This blog is a combination of two things I really enjoy: Biology, and weird geeky universes/settings/games.  The main focus is on the ecology of various tabletop rpgs and helping you flesh out or brighten up some of your own worlds so they feel larger, but I may go off on little tangents now and then on things like how Cubone makes no sense as an independent species, or how Star Trek’s vague use of pseudo-scientific terms inadvertently makes me wonder if Spock is fertile.  You know, the usual weirdness you get with biology or nerd philosophy.
  • What’s up with your update schedule?
    • I’m still trying to figure this whole “blog” thing out, and my normal day job is really horrible for having predictable free time.  I’ll try to update regularly, but for the time being please forgive me if everything blows up and I wind up missing a post or two.  I’ll try to make up for those times by including extra updates littered here and there when I can.
  • What do you know about colluding with the tree people and their quest to topple the underground mole people empire?
    • I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about, and can neither confirm nor deny my hand in such events, nor even whether or not I have hands to begin with.  And I resent the implication!